Why restaurants with small menus are more successful
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Why restaurants with small menus are more successful

Going small can lead to some big gains. By focusing your energy on dishes that reflect your vision for your restaurant, you can better define your brand. More products do not necessarily mean better products, quite the opposite.

Below are some tips that will illustrate why restaurants with small menus are more successful!

1. Quality Control

Smaller menus give you the opportunity to serve only fresh food and avoid frozen products. You know you'll use up ingredients quickly, so there's no need to freeze them or, worse, serve spoiled or rotten food. Automatically, customers' confidence in your restaurant's cuisine increases, because they know that the quality you offer is unique.

2. Reduces Food Waste

The United Nations Environment Programme's 2021 Food Waste Index found that an estimated 931 million tons of food ends up in the trash each year. Reduce food waste for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly restaurant. Many of your customers will appreciate that you are taking care of the planet, and it will earn you a lot of publicity. Controlling the flow of materials in your warehouse will also save you unnecessary costs. With Fimble, you'll have your hands free in managing your inventory.

3. Simplifies online ordering

Another great benefit of a small menu is that it can help you simplify your online ordering. By removing details that do not pack well or take up too much time, you can streamline the process of preparing orders for takeout and delivery. A small menu also improves the online ordering process for your guests. A long online menu is difficult for consumers to navigate on a small screen like that of a smartphone, while a small menu makes the selection process quick and easy. This is an important consideration when signing up for third-party delivery apps or integrating direct online ordering on your website.

4. Improves the customer experience

With the "less is more" menu, restaurants can focus on preparing great, delicious food. They can offer faster service and hotter food. The menu is your restaurant's flagship. To impress your customers, it must be well-organized and carefully composed. Smaller menus offer a mix of well-written descriptions, a well-thought-out layout, and the right pricing. Bombarding your customers with a variety of dishes will definitely make them feel uncomfortable, which will negatively impact your business.

5. Enables faster training of employees

Your staff will quickly memorize the specifics of popular dishes. When you shorten your restaurant's menu, you save time on training and improve staff knowledge of the dishes. Plus, a smaller menu makes it easier for new employees to try each dish and form an opinion about it.

Food for thought

Smaller menus impact many factors you may not have considered until today, making your restaurant more successful overall. From reducing significant costs to increasing the quality you offer your customers. The smaller menu is more successful in a restaurant simply because you have everything under control, cheaper and faster. When you focus on diner favorites, it's also easier to market your restaurant through multiple channels and stand out from your competitors. Learn  how to use social media to encourage online food ordering!