The marketing tools offered by fimble are a variety of tools to acquire and reengage your customers.

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    Collection of customer and potential customer data.

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    Attraction of new customers through offers.

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    Customer segmentation based on data and buying habits.

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    Conversion of potential customers through mass communication and competitions.

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    Enhanced upselling through product proposal in the cart and digital signage system.

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    Automated communication for immediate and useful customer information.

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    Reengagement of customers through coupons.

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    Customer retention through targeted actions and rewards programs.

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    Dissatisfied customer retention through complaint management and sorry coupons.


Data Collection

Any successful marketing action, whether is communication or analytics, requires the collection of customer and potential customer data from a variety of sources. Fimble does this in the following ways:

  • Forms

    Creating dynamic forms that are used for surveys, customer satisfaction forms or even communication forms. The system collects all the data, under the client tab, which is then used for segmentation & reporting. In case the data does not correspond to an existing customer, a potential customer is automatically created that can be used for mass communication.

  • Newsletter

    By subscribing to the newsletter, the customer is marked as the recipient of the newsletter and the potential customer is automatically registered in the leads.

  • Profiling

    The enrichment of the customer data is done either through profiling forms or by displaying the missing data in the customer tab for manual completion.

  • Competitions

    Opportunity to participate in competitions, through which the collection of further data is achieved.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Customer Acquisition

The most efficient method of attracting new customers is performed by creating offers that concern all customers (non-segmented). These offers are the main motivation for creating an account and ordering online.

Fimble’s offer system provides a wide range of possibilities to reflect the needs of the marketing department.

There are various types of offers such as automated (activated simply by adding the products to the cart), guided (with wizard) as well as offers that are activated with a coupon.

Costumer Segmentation

The segmentation of customers, potential customers, stores and generally all entities within the system, provides the possibility of better targeting and statistical reporting. Fimble performs segmentation in the following 3 ways:

  • Static Segments

    Static segmentation created manually via filters provided by the system, for searching records.

    Search for customers who have not ordered for more than 180 days and assign to the segment "Inactive customers".

  • Dynamic Segments

    Dynamic customer segmentation based on automatically modified features.

    Dynamic setting of conditions that includes "customers who place more than 3 orders per month" and automatic assignment to the segment "Loyal customers".

  • Buying habits

    Dynamic segmentation of customers based on buying habits.

    Dynamic setting of conditions that includes "customers who order products that include chicken" and automatic assignment to the segment "Chicken lovers".


The transformation of potential customers into active customers is enhanced by the following methods:

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    Continuous communication with those interested, with a newsletter or push notification informing about offers, coupons, new products, etc.

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    Through which a participant in a competition can potentially become an active customer with the corresponding communication.

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    Communication of a coupon online or offline (ex. Google Ads or radio).


Customer Upselling

Fimble enhances the upselling of the business by manually marking products as "upsell" and automatically presenting them in the cart as a suggested addition when the product is not already in the cart.

Along with the upselling in the cart, the solution that helps significantly is digital signage, where with screens inside the stores, the business can display new products, offers, the price list, etc. enhancing the interaction with the customer visiting the stores.


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    Automated Communication

    At various points of the ordering process, the system sends automated emails or push notifications to the customer for complete transparency during the ordering e.g. acceptance of the order, departure of the driver, the arrival of the driver, etc.

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    Marked as read

    Each email that is sent automatically through the system, is recorded if it was read and how many times for better measurement of the results.

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    Mass communication

    Mass communication either in all contacts or per segment can be done through the platform or utilizing an interface with a third system.

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    Automatic communication archiving

    Each communication is recorded not only in the general communication file but also in the customer's tab, so that for example if a user from the call center opens the customer tab he will be automatically informed about his recent communication.

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    Multiple communication channels

    In addition to sending emails, the system provides the ability to send SMS & Push Notifications.


Customer Reengagement

The reengagement of inactive customers is significantly enhanced by the use of discount coupons. Fimble automatically categorizes customers who are inactive (have not placed an order in X days) so that marketing has the ability to run reactivation campaigns with a discount coupon.

coupons include recurring coupons e.g. SUMMERSALES with optional use limit as well as disposable coupons with unique code.


Customer Frequency

Loyalty program
Creating a flexible loyalty program that rewards customers with purchases and actions. The program can define both the way of collecting points (per order, per product or per euro) as well as their redemption with a discount in the cart, gifts, discount coupons or products.


Targeted campaigns
The ability to target specific customers for advertising significantly increases the repetition conversion of an order.


Successful customer retention is enhanced through fimble in the following ways:

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    Manage and monitor all tickets and complaints that enter the system both B2C and B2B so that the detection and resolution of any problems are carried out immediately and efficiently.

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    In addition to ticket management, fimble provides a smart way to assign a discount coupon to the account of a customer who has lodged a complaint, for their next order, depending on the type of complaint, significantly increasing customer retention.

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    Constant communication with the customer is an important element for understanding the views of customers. For this reason, the customer has the ability through a page/screen to express views in dynamic units (eg speed, service, taste) and in case of a low score, the system automatically creates a ticket.

Decision Making

In addition to the marketing features offered by the platform, fimble also provides some additional applications that help in achieving a more complete recording of marketing data so that more appropriate decisions can be made in the future.

Customer Decision Making

Marketing Campaigns
Recording of marketing actions performed and planned both online (e.g. Google Ads) and offline (ex. Radio) whose data are evaluated statistically and used by other applications such as Forecast, Scheduling, etc.

Track your competitors and their locations, monitor their prices and offers.

Detailed statistical reports for all marketing actions.