Order Management

All the tools to efficiently manage your daily workflow of orders and reservations.

Unified order management from all channels

A centralized order management system allows you to manage all orders from all channels (web, mobile, kiosk, POS, call center etc.)

Real-time insight of your daily workflow

The Workflow screen allows you to monitor all the stuck or delayed orders at any given status. This allows to catch any issues with orders that are either stuck or delayed to send to the store, print, cook, prepare, deliver or return.

Orders Monitor

Orders monitor that can be used as a Kitchen Display or a generic orders view inside the store.

Order Overview

Get detailed information on a specific order including order lifecycle, customer details & profiling, recent customer activity and more, with ability to add a complaint or callback straight from the overview screen.

Store Overview

Get your store's details at a glance.

Customer Overview

Complete customer overview with contact information, order history, profiling data, complaints, transactions, reservations historical timeline of their activity and more.

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How It Works