In-Store Ordering

Intuitive in-store ordering solutions.

Point of Sale (POS)

Next generation Point of Sale system for your PC, Touch-screen PC or tablet.

Point of Sale (POS)

Supports automated pricing, rewards, dark mode, right or left handed interface, collapsed interface for faster browsing and more.

Server Order Taking

No need for expensive server PDAs, just use an iOS or Android smartphone and enjoy the same features with the POS plus table & bill management.

Kiosk Ordering

Transform your in-store order taking with the new kiosk ordering solution, allowing your customers to place their order on an impressive touch-capable TV screen.

Table Ordering

Improve your service time and promote contactless transactions with the table ordering application for Android tablets.

Call Center

Manage your phone orders centrally and send orders to your stores in real time.


POS, Server Order Taking and Call Center feature the same interface, making your staff training easier.


The orders from all the above channels are managed in a unified order management system so you can have a real time overview of how your store is currently performing.

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How It Works

POS, Server Order Taking & Call Center are available on fimble Professional plan. Kiosk & Table Ordering are extra add-ons for all fimble plans.

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